Why Does My Car Have A Burning Oil Odor?


There are several different reasons why a car owner may start to smell burning oil around their vehicle. For one, there could be a gasket leak somewhere. Many times, the culprit is one or both of the auto's valve gaskets. As the engine heats up, the lubricant seeps out from beneath the covers. It gets on the hot motor, which leads to the unpleasant aroma hitting one's nose.

These gaskets can be a bit tricky to change. So much so that persons might get themselves in trouble with DIY car repair. Luckily, residents of St. Peters don't have to face the task alone. Instead, they can schedule a valve cover replacement appointment with Master's Touch Automobile. The team has the experience and know-how to complete jobs right the first time. 

Plus, each member of the valve cover replacement team strives to surpass every client's expectations with friendly, professional, and high-quality service. The organization handles other matters besides valve cover replacement too. So, if you are experiencing a burnt oil smell, a squeaking noise, a rattling sound, or something else, don't hesitate to give us a call. 


It is often easier said than done to diagnose an issue, especially if a person doesn't know what they are looking for, and there is no shame in that. After all, they are probably not in the industry, so why would they have substantial knowledge of the subject? Vehicle owners might believe they are smelling burning oil, but when in reality, the smell is being created by a melted belt, clutch problem, or coolant leak. Heck, a plastic grocery bag can even do the trick if it gets tangled on the exhaust beneath the car. 

Our techs are trained to sniff out such things. They pride themselves in getting to the bottom of the dilemma and getting it fixed up for the client promptly. Therefore, if your valve covers or something else is giving you fits, look no further than here for the assistance that you seek.